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AboutI’m Martin Abram, the inventor of Smoke Genie. I graduated from Ravensbourne in London then trained as a chef at Le Manoir de Chantilly.

I’ve combined my love of natural good food with a passion for creating something meaningfully new and beneficial. This inspired me to invent and produce the magically simple Smoke Genie for smoking food successfully.

Although hot and cold food smoking is a well-established and a growing market, it can be a finicky process due to the lack of a simple, reliably efficient, and cost effective smoking solution that would suit the beginner and professional alike. 

It became obvious that what was really needed was a pure wood product that could be lit with a naked flame, such as a lighter, and then constantly and consistently smoulder for the required time without the need to continually monitor and manage the smoking process. 

A simple light and leave solution that could meet the needs of the home, restaurateur, and commercial food smoker was desired. A simple and easy solution using one hundred percent pure natural hardwoods would not only fill a market need, but encourage others to smoke foods, and keep them smoking successfully with deliciously consistent results. 

After two years of continual research and development, and with the generous supply of RÄUCHERGOLD® Delicatessen Smoking Woods from J. Rettenmaier & Söhne in Germany, the Smoke Genie was born. 

I am delighted to present the magically simple Smoke Genie to easily create perfect smoked food.

Welcome to Smoke Genie

Martin Abram