Light the tip

Light the tip

Place in Smoker, Oven, BBQ

Place in Smoker, Pot, BBQ or suitable container

Modular Design

Modular Design Create your own flavour combinations & desired smoking times

Smoke Genie ® magically simple food smoking

Light with a naked flame

Blow to check kernel is glowing

Link the 30 minute Smoke Genies together to smoulder consecutively

  • 100% All Natural Hardwoods especially processed and graded for delicatessen food smoking. Pure natural wood product from selected untreated hardwoods and managed sustainable forests. No additives.
  • Excellent smouldering performance designed for the optimum smoke generation of cool, clean smoke at just the right temperature to release the pure smoky flavours to create delicious smoked foods.
  • The simplest, easiest and cleanest way to successfully smoke in an instant either at home or in the restaurant. Patent Pending.

Smoke Genie Range